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What Kind of Games and Gambling Experience Can Be found in Live Dealer Casinos?

Those prestigious gamers looking for the singular thrills and experience normally associated with Las Vegas and Monte Carlo will want to look beyond the software generated casinos games to a dealer based casino card game or table. Many online casinos today are offering next level services and all-new live dealer platforms that bring the fun of table game play to the convenience of home and office.

Unlike the simulated versions of these games there are no computer-generated imagery for displaying digital cards and automaton dealers. Instead players will be participating in a live game with a flesh-and-blood dealer placing real cards in front of them, even if all the players are in different spots on the globe.

How is this accomplished? There is a land based casino that has been fitted with state-of-the-art cameras and lighting equipment that will produce clear and crisp footage of the actual game as it is in progression. This footage is streamed over the internet to the very devices where players can see and interact with other players and a live dealer real time.

An intuitively-designed user interface allows all the players to make their bets and place their wagers much as they would in a real-life casino setting. This can be done as easily with the click of a mouse on various icons and buttons that control all the betting and gaming actions associated with a wide variety of casino games.

Stake levels that apply throughout the online live dealer casino world are just as varied as those found in the live dealers at physical casino locations. Players who choose to take their favorite pastime to online venues will find the same industry standards for winning payouts apply in the digital realm as well.

The Most Popular Live Dealer Casino Games

One of the biggest reasons the online Live Dealer casino games are gaining popularity is the unprecedented variety that can be found at a single convenient location. Any of the classic games found in real life locations that a modern gamer could hope to visit can be found in one of many online locations today.

Following is an overview of the most popular online live dealer options today:

1. Live Dealer Blackjack – There are many options for computer simulated Blackjack games in online casinos. Anyone who has played this game in a casino setting can tell you that the dealer experience puts a whole new thrill and twist on this classic game. Now all the fun and thrills of Blackjack are available online with a live dealer. Furthermore, you will find a plethora of varied staking options available as well.

2. Live Dealer Roulette – Here is a game that is just not the same in a computer simulated setting. Gravity enacting on the little ball is just not the same as simulated gravity. They may be equally random, but after the visual impact of watching the spinning and tumbling in a live casino setting, there is hardly any comparison. The clear and crisp imagery accompanied by real-life sounds and action keep you focused on every aspect of the game and makes the gambling experience a greater thrill as well. Finally, you will find a world of options and staking varieties in the world of Live Dealer Roulette.

3. Live Dealer Baccarat – That’s Bah-kah-rah, but you probably knew that. The outcome of this game is always decided by the way the dealer chooses to play their hand. Here is a game that just isn’t the same without a savvy dealer turning cards and calling totals. Live Dealer casinos have plenty of options for this exciting game, it’s also surprisingly simple to pick up.

4. Live Dealer Casino Hold’Em – This new arrival to the Live Dealer casino is taking players from across the globe by storm. In this thrilling version of the classic Casino Hold’em, players go against the dealer for a variety of payout options. If you are holding the winning hand you will be awarded a wide range of pay outs depending on the strength of the hand you’re playing. Some of these payouts are the highest-values you will find in the online casino world.