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Why Online Casinos Offer Bonuses and What Type of Bonuses They Offer

Many of the online casinos in operation today offer different kinds of bonuses to players for various reasons. Here is a guide to why these casinos offer bonuses and the types of different bonuses that online casinos have to offer.


Why Online Casinos Offer Bonuses

The bonuses that online casinos offer are simply a form of marketing that they pay for. They justify giving away free stuff in order to attract new players who they believe will return and make future deposits. Most of these bonuses include a commitment for the player to bet a certain amount of times before they are able to withdrawal any money. This stops players from simply claiming a bonus and taking it. These commitments may restrict certain games that have extremely low wagering requirements or ways to play without risk, like betting on both black and red in roulette.


Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are common for online casinos. The casino actually matches your first deposit or sometimes your first two or three deposits. These bonuses may be tied to certain games like slots or table games. Some casinos only offer this welcome bonus to those who make a significant first deposit above the standard limit.


Referral Bonus

If you can find a friend to sign up for an online casino, often that casino will give both you and the client you refer a bonus. The person you refer will likely have requirements that they need to complete in order for you to get the bonus. They will probably need to make a deposit and wager a certain number of times.


Cashback/Insurance Bonuses

This type of bonus actually offers a percentage of your losses in previous gaming as a bonus. Usually, if a deposit was matched with a bonus, this type of bonus will not apply. You can also find websites that offer this kind of bonus from multiple online casinos.


No Deposit Bonus

This is the most popular form of bonus offered by online casinos. These can be claimed without depositing any of your own money. These bonuses are offered to attract new players and let them play for a period of time for free. These bonuses do not always take the form of cold hard cash.


Non-cashable Bonus

These type of bonuses show up on your player balance but disappear when it comes time for you to cash out. This type of bonus is often associated with the no deposit bonus.


Comp Points

It is common to receive comps at real casinos and online casinos alike. These points can be saved up and traded in for cash or prizes. The amount of money offered is usually a pretty small amount and are hard to come by. For instance, a $10 bet on a slot machine might get you a comp point, while it takes 100 comp points to trade for $1. You can, however, end up getting free tickets to tournaments or other special events.

There are many bonuses available through online casinos. The sole purpose of them is to attract users and to make them spend more money in the long run. If you find an online casino with a bonus that you like, make sure you know all the rules that apply with that bonus.


Welcome Bonus 

Whether you enjoy playing a variety of slot machines or simply visiting the casino in your free time, online casinos offer plenty of incentives to join regardless of the amount of money you are looking to invest. With the advent of online casinos today, it is no wonder millions of individuals continuously sign up each day for a chance to win real money right from the comfort of their own homes.


Why are Welcome Bonuses Provided at Online Casinos?

Welcome bonuses provided at online casinos gives players the chance to begin playing their favorite games immediately after signing up or linking a real bank account, depending on the stipulations of each online casino individually. Most online casinos today offer bonuses to remain competitive to other online casinos who have a variety of bonuses available for their players already. Browsing and comparing online casinos and the types of bonuses that are offered is a way for you to better determine which casino is right for you so you are able to begin playing right away.


Free Welcome Bonuses at Online Casinos

With some online casinos, it is possible to obtain free welcome bonuses immediately after joining without requiring additional information or initial deposits from your end. Using online casinos that offer free welcome bonuses and cash in your account to play with immediately upon activating and confirming your account gives you the ability to test various games and the casino itself to choose whether or not you want to move forward with depositing your own real money into the virtual casino.


Welcome Bonus Connecting Bank Accounts

Connecting bank accounts to online casinos is another way to incentivize users to join and play more in the future, especially if they have already deposited money into the account. Welcome bonuses that are offered for connecting bank accounts often provide additional money to begin playing your favorite type of casino games immediately without having to wait or deposit any of your own money first. Simply linking a bank account is possible with some online casinos today, which helps to get you started with the games of your choice. Compare each online casino that offers bank account linking bonuses and incentives to determine which casino has the best value and provides you with more playing money prior to playing and betting.


First Deposit Welcome Bonuses

An all-time favorite type of welcome bonus for online casino players includes a first deposit matching bonus. Once a user has registered to an online casino that offers a matching bonus based on the amount you deposit into your account, you can quickly double your playing money and begin betting and enjoying a collection of games without hassle while also having more cash in your account to put to use. Like any other online casino bonus offers or incentives, it is imperative to compare your options while also reading the fine print of each virtual casino individually to minimize risk and understand all rules that may apply for new members who are just joining for the first time. Taking the time to read rules and the options available to you before becoming a member helps users feel more confident when selecting an online casino that is right for them.

Navigating your way through choosing the online casino that is right for you is a way to find an option that is most suitable to your gambling desires and the types of games you enjoy partaking in most. Joining an online casino that offers various welcome bonus options and incentives helps to get you started with additional playing money that can ultimately become real winnings if you play your cards right!


Sign Up Bonus 


When Playing Roulette, You May Want to Avoid the Bonuses

The first thing players need to know is that a signup bonus comes with terms and conditions. These conditions are not very user-friendly to players. When a player goes to cash out any kind of winnings, players will not be able to. The bonuses contradict everything a player likes in Roulette.

There is a way to avoid this. It first means understanding what a bonus is. A bonus is presented to all new players. The online casino matches up to a 100% of what a player puts in. Say a player puts in $150. Most casinos will match the same amount. Now the player has $300 in his bankroll.

This sounds pretty good, but there are strings attached. The first string is the "wagering requirement". This needs to be done before any player begins to cash out. The second string involves the bet. These bets do not count towards the requirements. Below is a more detailed platform on these two strings.


The Wagering Requirements

Every online casino is going to be different. Here is a typical example of what players can expect. Say a player puts in $200. Players need to have 25 times the amount before cashing out. The ending wager would have to be around $2500-3000. Players will not be able to withdrawal any money until the wagering requirements have been met. Some online casinos are in the habit of taking the money from players. This is all part of the terms and conditions. They are all allowed to do this.

Some players have had their account down to zero because of this. The casino will continue to take money from the player. The bonus may be long gone and the casino is still within its rights. It is a scam. This is why bonuses seem okay in theory, but not okay in practicality.


Roulette Will Not Count Towards the Requirements

This is the second string that explains why this is a scam. This is why players need to avoid bonuses when playing Roulette. Here is the deal. The bets do not count. This game is technically classified as an "easy to wager" game. Most online casinos view this as a "low risk" system. It has become too easy for players to place bets and win big for Roulette. The system figures players are not "earning" their way with the game.

These bonuses players sign up are better suited for bingo and slots players. Games like Roulette and Blackjack are not intended for this.


How to Avoid Them

There is a simple way to do this. Players need to tell the online casino that online bonuses are not wanted. There is a window to do this. Players need to do this before they have deposited any kind of money. Players who forget to do this will get another chance. Players can also tell the system before any moves are made. Once a player begins to play it is too late.

There are three ways to do this. Give them a call, if the phone number is known. It should be listed on the site. Players can send them an email. Players can also do an instant chat session. Sometimes players will get a quicker response by doing the chat thing. The second quickest way is to call them. Once the call has been made, players should not be having any issues.


Using a Deposit Bonus at an Online Casino

Online casinos have been offering up a variety of bonuses in order to bring new players to the tables. These marketing techniques have rules attached to them that you should be aware of before you make your first deposit at an online casino.


Welcome or Deposit Bonuses

This popular bonus can give you a lot more money to play with when you first start playing at an online casino. Many casinos on the internet offer a deposit bonus on your first deposit. This actually doubles the amount of money that you start with. For instance, if you deposit $200 into your casino account, they will match you another $200 to give you a starting total of $400.


Rules That Apply

When receiving this kind of bonus there are often stipulations that apply. You will usually need to make a certain amount of bets on certain games before you are allowed to make any kind of withdrawal from your account. This is to ensure that you do not just withdrawal the bonus as soon as you get it. The games that they choose for you to play are usually games with higher bets and no way to bet both sides of the table like betting red and black in a game of roulette.


Second and Third Deposit Bonuses

If this type of bonus appeals to you, you should look for a website that offers not only a welcome bonus but a second and third deposit bonus. There are also other websites that only offer this kind of bonus if you are making an extremely high first deposit. If you plan on throwing down a large quantity of money on your deposit, look for a website that offers this type of bonus.

A deposit bonus can double your initial bankroll and keep you playing at an online casino for quite awhile longer. Look for an online casino that offers this type of bonus and take advantage of it.



Match Bonus Offers: Are They Worth Your Time?

Online casinos bring the games that you love into your home via the computer screen, saving you time, energy, and effort, but never minimizing the excitement awaiting you. The choices in online casinos is quite extensive these days, but not all of the available options are worth your time, money, or efforts. You don't want to get stuck with one of these casinos, and there is no reason to since it is easy to compare options and find a great online casino in a matter of minutes.

There are several important qualities to search for when you want to play games and have fun at an online casino. First, what do others think about the casino? A good reputation is important to seek in the casino. Is the casino experienced? Do they have the games that you love to play and a selection of new choices that you are sure to add to the favorites list? And, what kind of bonus offer is the casino offering?

Bonus offers are one of the ways that online casinos attract new members their way. When you want to join a great casino, looking at the bonus offer they provide is one of the easiest ways to narrow down the selection and get a casino you will love.

Many types of bonus offers exist, so take the time to read the offer carefully before you decide if the casino is right for you. One of the offers most appealing to game players is the match bonus. This special bonus gives you free play for your favorite games. When you make a deposit, the match bonus matches this amount, doubling your pleasure and casino fun. So, if you make an initial deposit of $100, you'll have $200 deposited into your account once you confirm the bonus offer.

Note the match bonus is available only with the initial deposit, and you must claim the offer to get the deposit. It is worthwhile to make a larger initial deposit so that you get the amount matched and have more funds in your account for your favorite games. Some casinos may take several days to add the match bonus to your account, and other restrictions may also apply. Read all the terms and conditions of the match bonus offer before you join

Since several online casinos offer the match bonus to new members, you can register with one or more sites and claim these bonuses. Free money is the best kind of money, especially when you can turn a little bit of pocket change into something large when you're the big game winner.

Match bonuses are popular incentives offered by numerous online casinos, with good reason. If you are an online casino player looking for an impressive deal, consider this exciting offer when joining online casinos.


Percentage bonus atonline Casino

Different online casinos have various types of bonuses. All bonuses have play through requirements; hence, it is nice to know the requirements and the games that are allowed and the ones restricted. Below is a brief explanation of the different types of bonuses and how they work.
Making bonuses at online casinos is quite simple. You begin by making a deposit then the casino matches the deposit you have done with a particular percentage. The amount being matched by the casino depends on two things. One is the value of the dollar, and the other one is the proportion of the deposit.Every deposit made at an online casino is affected by these two factors. For example, a casino offers a 50 percentage bonus of up to $1000. That means that the casino matches the amount you deposit with 50 percent, up to the maximum of $1000. So, if a person deposits $400, they get a bonus of $200. If the individual chooses to deposit $1000, he or she gets a bonus of $500, and if they deposit $1200, they still get a bonus of $500 because that is the maximum bonus.


No deposit bonuses

It is the simplest type of gift. You start by registering a real player’s account at the casino that is offering the premium, and then you receive the money instantly. Here, a deposit is not required to receive the bonus. Sometimes, you need to claim your bonus via submission form on their website or via email and other times, it is credited automatically to your casino account. Bonus limitations exist in some casinos, hence the need to understand the rules and to read the terms and conditions of the casino. These restrictions may include things like the amount that can be withdrawn using the bonus. Some casinos do not have this limitation but require that you make deposits before you can withdraw winnings made using the premium.


Free money bonus

These are the first bonus where you know what you are to get irrelevant of the deposit that you make. An example is when a casino offers you free $100 when you make a deposit of at least $50. Giving you a bankroll of $150 to play with, but if you deposit $60, you still get $100. This bonus percentage is 200%. Comparing it to the match of another casino, you may find that by depositing $50, you either get more for your money or less. So, before undermining a casino offering a bonus which appears to be low initially, recommendations are that you first work out what it would mean if you make the minimum deposit required.


Sticky bonus

In this type of bonus, a casino offers you a gift to play with, but you cannot withdraw the bonus amount. You are allowed to withdraw your winnings that are above the initial bonus amount. Then the bonus amount is removed from your account immediately you withdraw your winnings. In this type of bonus, one can end up playing with a massive bankroll since casinos offering this kind of bonus are very generous. Some casinos offer up to $3000 in bonuses only. Hence you get to play with maximum coins, creating a better payout ratio when you hit big wins.


Loyalty bonus

These are given to players who have reached a particular status at an online casino. The amounts vary in different casinos. Some casinos require a play through on these types of bonuses. The requirements are that you meet a set token to cash them out.


Exclusive bonus

These gifts are seen at certain websites where the casino has made an exclusive deal with the website owner to offer his members. These gifts vary with different casinos.



The No Deposit Casino Bonus

Online casinos frequently offer deposit bonuses to new members who register for an account with their business. To receive the bonus offer, new members must deposit a minimum amount of money into their account by a specified deadline. Many casinos also mandate other steps in order to receive the bonus offer. If the requirements of the offer aren't completely and correctly fulfilled, the bonus offer is forfeited. Does the idea of throwing free money appeal to you?

Adhering to the requirements needed to fulfil to receive a deposit bonus is oftentimes complicated for even the savviest of casino players. The requirements oftentimes have several steps to complete to receive the offer, or require an initial deposit larger than you intended to make. So many people fail to get the bonus offer that inspired them to join originally due to the many steps, requirements, and hassles.


Stop making Deposits

Those days are over now, however, thanks to the availability of no deposit bonus offers from an array of online casinos. These offers are instantly applied to your account upon registration, without the need to deposit any money or adhere to other difficult to meet requirements. These offers truly provide a free incentive for you to join and play the games available at the casino.

Bonus offers without deposit are simple and easy to use. The amount of the bonus offers vary from one game and casino to the next, but you can always expect the amounts to be large enough to cause excitement in your life. Being able to play at the casino on someone else's dime is always exciting. The no deposit bonus offers carry with them the same attraction.


Types of Free Bonuses with No Deposit

The type of bonus you'll receive when you join a no deposit casino varies, and offers come and go. You can always expect an exciting bonus worth your time and efforts, however. A few examples of no deposit bonus offers that you might like to use includes:

  • Free spins on slot games
  • Free poker chips
  • $50 in free play

Aren't these numbers and deals enough to inspire you to register and begin playing the exciting casino games that you love? Thousands of online casino players have already started enjoying the freebies, and now it is your turn.


Get Your Casino Fun On

The exciting benefits of playing the casino online only continue to grow. Now that no deposit bonus offers are available from a large number of online casinos, you shouldn't wait to join the casinos that impress you the most. What could be better than playing the casino at home with free money?


Free Money Bonuses

When you hear that someone is handing out free money, even as a bonus at an online casino, you might wonder if it is a scam. We will tell you right away that it is not a scam. Now, we will tell you why and the reasons you should search out free money bonuses at online casinos. Once you understand this information, you will be happy that you took the time to get your fair share.

Advertising any business can cost a small truckload of money. No business understands that more than the online casino industry. It is for that reasons that they offer players an incentive to play games at their casino. The industry is full of casinos who are always looking for new players, so to pay the high advertisement costs can be lucrative but, it is also just as cost effective to get the players to sign up by using a free money bonuses at online casinos offer. all this means is that the casino is giving their money to you to start you off with playing their games at their casino. It is a winning offer for both the casino and the players they wish to attract.

Every casino has a set of rules and regulations when it comes to their free money bonus, however, it is a simple process to understand and qualify for. Once you sign up and get your free money, you simply wander onto the virtual floor in the online casino and start your game play. It's like getting free money to play with from a casino executive. Playing with found money has many benefits and an online casino free money bonus is a great way to start the day at your favorite online casino. Online casinos are growing in popularity because casino gamers do not have to leave their house in order to play the casino games they love.

Each casino has a selection of games that range from super easy to super hard. However, skill often has little to do with casino games, it is really the luck of the draw that pays the big wins. At the online casino you can play slots, craps, card games, roulette and so many other games. They are all right there under the same roof and ready for your wagering and enjoyment. What could be easier than online game play? The casino makes it easy to play by offering the bonus money to players. They know that once you get to see and fell their online casino, you will like the games there and come back to play them often. Giving you free bonus money is a great way to make you happy and when you are happy, you might play longer and tell your friends. When your friends come and visit the online casino, they can get in on the free bonus money too. Sometimes an online casino will offer you a bonus for telling your friends about their casino. When your friends sign up, you both get free money to play at the casino.

Let's face it, playing at an online casino is fun, but, it is even better when the casino gives your some free bonus money to play with. Keep in mind that you can win on this free bonus money and even if you don't, you will have a great time simply playing at the online casino. So, what are you waiting for? Go sign up for your account and get your fair share of the free bonus money from the online casino. You will be happy that you took the time to do so.


Free Bets at Online Casinos & Sportbooks

Online casinos, like the traditional casinos offer gamblers a platform to wager and play various games. These casinos usually offer numerous incentives to players as part of their promotion efforts. One of the most widely offered incentive is the free bet. This type of bet gives the holder an opportunity to bet at the casino’s expense. This means when a bet is made, the casino pays the stake while the player keeps the winnings. When you get a free bet, you need to read the underlying terms and conditions to make sure you fully understand what the bet entails. The main types of free bets in online casinos include match bet, no-lose guarantee bets, stage matched bets, tiered free bet and deposit bonus.

A matched bet is a standard free bet that typically matches the player’s first bet. In most instances, the matched bet is only offered to new players. The deposit bonus, is popular with online casinos that have bookmaker sections. The bonus works in a similar manner as matched bet, but it is only applicable when a player makes a deposit not a bet. The tiered free bet, commonly referred to as structured free bet, typically combines aspects of different bets. For instance combining matched bet plus deposit bonus plus second deposit bonus and so forth. The stage match works similar to the ordinary matched bet, except this time around the free bet match a stipulated number of free bets or the average of the bets listed.

The no deposit free bet is highly popular with online casinos even though it is prone to misuse. The few online casinos that offer no deposit free bets tend to set higher wagering limitations. Certain banking services also restrict players from using no deposit free bets as part of internal control measure. A number of online casinos also offer free spins along with the deposit bonus on certain slot machines. Players may also get free spins by simply signing up at a casino. The winnings made from free spins are usually not subjected to wagering requirements. With regards to the no-lose guarantee bets, most casinos offer this type of bet to so called unlucky players as a consolation prize.

The opportunity to award no-lose guarantee type of bet may arise if a player loses money after several rounds of play. The main drawback of using free bets is a requirement that the player match the bookmaker’s investment using their own money. The other reasons commonly advanced is being pushed to make more bets before taking a withdrawal or being steered to participate in less lucrative markets. Free bets often come with a number of restrictions including expiry period and restrictions on the applicable sport or event. It is also important to know that you can deactivate your free bet in case you are not interested. Sportbooks offers players the opportunity to wager on an outcome of a sporting event.

Although sports betting has been around for many years, the introduction of the internet and consequently online sports betting has greatly changed the way sports betting and the entire gambling industry is run. Some of the reasons why sports betting has become particularly popular and lucrative to players include stiff competing between online bookmakers and existence of competitive odds and price. Players are also drawn to new player incentives such welcome or sign up bonus. The free bets offered by sports books come with value restrictions along with odd limits. Like the other offers offered by sports betting sites, information regarding free bets are always spelt out in the terms and conditions sections.


How to Get Free Spins From the Online Casino

If you love playing Slots at the online casino, there's a great way to add even more fun and excitement to something that you already enjoy. Many of the online casinos now offer great free spin bonuses that all players can use to get free spins and free play. These free bonus offers may be the token to the big jackpot you are hoping to win. Earning free spins is easy, with a plethora of opportunities for getting dozens upon dozens of free spins.


Best ways to Get Free Spins

As mentioned, several ways to get your hands on free spins exist, and you can take advantage of any and all that interest you. best ways to get free spins from online casinos include:

  • Registering – Some sites offer free spins when you join their online slots casino
  • First Deposit -Once you make a deposit of a specified amount, many online casinos match this amount in spins
  • Referral Bonus -Send all your friends to the online casino using your code, and as a thank you, free spins are bestowed upon you

It is up to you to decide which of the free spins bonuses you want to use. Pick one, or use them all if you wish. No one will ever complain about the opportunity to acquire free spins, especially when doing so is this simple.


Pick Your Online Casino

Remember, many online casinos offer free spin bonuses, and you can register and play with them all while getting these free offers, too. Read the requirements necessary to receive the bonus offer so that you can complete the offer correctly. Failure to complete the necessary steps can result in forfeiture of the bonus offers.


Why Free Spins?

Getting free spins is a nice welcome or thank you if you are a slots player. This freebie extends the amount of time you can spend playing at the casino without using your own money. These free spins may roll you into the big jackpot winnings, and that is a sweet deal you cannot refuse!


New Slots Free Spins

Playing online slots can be a fun and rewarding way to spend time and there are currently many sites which offer chances to play online slots for free and win money. These days there are a good number of online sites where you can play casino style slots. Just like any business with a fair amount of competition, every online casino slot game site wants to stand apart from the rest and attract and keep happy customers. As a result, slots sites can offer a number of different enticing promotions. One of the most common ways online slot games reward players is with free spins. Taking advantage of free spins is a savvy way to become a better online slots player. Free slots spins give players a chance to win money without risk.
The simplest way free spins are awarded, is when a certain number of symbols match up on a particular slots game, just like as in a live casino. However, there is a vast array of online slots games offering free spins in a variety of fun and creative ways. Sometimes offers are targeted specifically toward new online gamblers who are just getting their feet wet playing slots online. Newcomers are often offered a certain number of free spins, without being required to make a deposit. There is even possibility that those starting out can open online casino accounts with money made from initial free spins. Of course there are no guarantees, but with nothing to lose, free spins are certainly an excellent path forward to being initiated in online slots play. Seasoned gamblers can also enjoy free spins in numerous ways. Those who are in the know can often identify the games with the best odds and the most free chances. It is also possible to win multiple ways with free spin play, and increase winnings, which adds to the excitement.
Because there are so many free spin offers , it makes perfect sense for those who enjoy playing online slots to visit multiple sites and check out the most attractive deals. The truth is, if nobody ever won anything, the online slots industry would certainly lose its appeal. For regular players, occasional gamblers, and newbies alike, winning is always a real possibility, and free spins are one of the perks that come with being an online slots player.


No Deposit Free Spins Bonus at Online Casinos

Everyone plays the lotto, places a bet on a sporting game, or buys a scratch-off sooner or later. It might be because of a hunch or the inspiration gained from a vivid dream, but we all feel there is a chance to make money by gambling. When we flip a coin, we plan on winning. People are, after all, optimists. Perhaps this positive, winning tendency toward gambling is one reason businesses in the online gambling industry are making a massive public relations effort aimed at the legalization of online gambling in America.
We all want to travel to Las Vegas or any of the myriad of casinos operated by Native Americans where gambling is legal, but we do not want to deal with the expense of traveling and staying in an expensive resort. We want to gamble, but we do not want to break our bank account or any laws by enjoying it.
As online gambling enters a final stage for acceptance, there is some confusion about the legality. National, state and local laws are enacted to control casino gambling, while this newest form of gambling, online gambling, is now being considered by state legislatures for general approval.
The legality of gambling anywhere is an area filled with legal traps, missteps, and pitfalls. But the efforts of the online gambling industry are working diligently to make online gambling legal across the nation. Opinions about online gambling and the latest legislation seem to be heading in the direction of worldwide legality with the exception of countries controlled by strong religious governments.
The simple facts are that we want to gamble, and we would prefer to do it in the comfort of our homes over the internet. In preparation for this coming legality, some online gambling operators with the needed licensing are offering incentives to residents from those countries with a more relaxed legal opinion about gambling.
Some current online gambling operators are offering incentives to the public, including non-members, to try these new online gambling platforms. These incentives include free gambling chips with a specific money value or free spins on their slot machines to people interested in using their site for gambling even before they accept the terms of a usually free membership and before giving a credit card as proof of residency. Free money to gamble is a great incentive. What is not to like about this plan?
As in all things on the Internet read the reviews posted by users about the various online gambling businesses. Keep in mind that many reviews are written by members of the business itself, and other reviews are submitted by the kind of people who are never happy with anything. But after you have done your homework, it is time to have fun and enjoy the thrills and excitement of gambling.


Refer a Friend Bonus: Get the Free Funds

Now that you've found great online casinos, share the joy with friends, family members, co-workers, and others. Sharing the news of the online casino provides the chance to play your favorite casino games with people you know and love, but that's just the start of the reasons to spread the word about the casino. Did you know that many online casinos now offer referral bonuses?


What is a Referral Bonus?

Online casinos offering referral bonuses use this special offer as a way of saying thank you when you refer a friend to join in with you on the casino action and fun. Upon registering for the casino, you'll be given a special code that you will give to your friends. When they join with the code, you get the specified bonus offer!


What Kind of Bonus Will I Receive?

The bonus offer you receive when referring friends varies from one casino to the next and from one promotion to the next. Matched deposits, free spins on slots, free cash, and many other offers are available for referrals. Check the offer with the online casino to learn the offer you'll receive.

Follow all instructions outlined under the bonus offer in order to receive the deal. Failure to follow these instructions may result in decline of the bonus offer. The last thing that you want is to miss out on free fun at the casino.

Furthermore, remind your friend of the awesome bonus offer so they can start sending all their people to the casino and claiming their bonus. It is only the right thing to do, and it helps everyone have the most fun at the casino!


Is There a Limit on Referrals?

Some online casinos limit the number of referral bonuses you can claim; others do not put any limits on the number of people that you can refer and the bonuses you receive. Read the terms and conditions of the referral bonus to find out more about the specific policy regarding referrals with the casinos you are a member.


Monthly Bonus

Accepting a Monthly Bonus from a Casino: What Every Player Needs to Know

Players who use any kind of online casino are going to be bombarded with casino bonuses and monthly offers. Many offer a welcome bonus. This is geared to get the player to sign up with the casino and start making a deposit. Sounds good on the surface, but players need to be aware of a few things first.

1) Players need to compare the various types of monthly bonuses first. Do not sign up for just anything. Take the time to find out which ones are more beneficial. Pay more attention the online casinos that offer a reward monthly bonus. It is one thing for a casino to offer a signup bonus. It says something else for the casino to offer something for the loyal customers.

Some casinos will offer a one-time monthly bonus. Some will offer the same thing at different times of the month. It is better to go with a casino which offers the multi-monthly bonus. Casinos will vary when it comes to these offers. Go towards the one that will give you the most bang for your buck.

2) They will come in various forms. Some will be a reload monthly bonus.
Some will offer a special bonus for a specific game. Some will offer a matched monthly bonus in response to a player's deposits. Players need to pick the option that will allow maximization for their efforts.

3) Read over all the terms and conditions before signing up for the monthly bonus. Most casinos will have a "wagering requirement". Players need to educate themselves about this. The "wagering requirement" tends to scam the players who are more naive on the inner-workings of the game. Some of these requirements will be high. Some will be low. Players need to choose based on what the are most comfortable with.

A monthly bonus allows players to earn more money and take advantage of more games. Educate yourself on how your casino works. Education is key.


High Roller Bonus

A high roller, aka whale or VIP, is an online/live casino player who has the right to the largest bonuses and the best rewards at the casinos. Casinos love to have high rollers, and they welcome them back with open arms because they place huge bets and bet a lot. High rollers are treated like royalty at casinos, and these high rollers are normally filled with the excitement in playing for the biggest jackpots possible.


High Roller Offers at Casinos

Almost every casino has offers for VIPs. (By the way, the word "whale" is normally not used in front of the high roller to prevent the possibility of him/her getting offended if he/she doesn't know that whale is another word for high roller.) Each casino's VIP offers varies even though there are some similarities many times. Most online casinos will provide the highest bonus amounts, free spins, deposit bonuses, and no deposit bonuses.

The following include variations of high rollers' offers from many of the best online casinos:

  • 200% up to €1,200, 180 free spins when remaining on the platform, and up to €1,200 in free cash as you deposit
  • 200% up to €300, match up bonus, 30 free spins, loyal members get monthly bonuses
  • Free €888, Spin & Win with no deposit, no deposit bonus, capability of winning millions with progressive jackpots
  • 100% up to €500, 100% match bonus for up to £/€/$5000
  • 100% up to €400, progressive jackpots, match bonuses for up to $3,200
  • 100% up to €1,500 match up bonus
  • 100% up to €500, 20 free spins with no required deposit, up to €500 in bonuses on the deposit
  • 100% up to £500 match up bonus, three, life altering, progressive jackpots, Poker Freerolls on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • 100% Deposit Bonus of up to $333, 10 free spins with no deposit
  • 200% up to £300, no deposit bonus with 99 free spins
  • 200% up to $400, up to $400 in welcome bonuses
  • 50% up to €5,000, bonuses on four deposits
  • €5,000 bonus package and biggest progressive jackpots of India
  • 100% up to €500, four deposit bonuses, and progressive casino jackpot


Other Important Facts

There are other things to note concerning offers for high rollers. For one, while there are normally welcome bonuses for players in general, the welcome bonuses for high rollers are normally around double to triple the amount of regular players. For example, the standard welcome bonus could be 100% matched up to $300, while the high rollers can be a 200% up to $1,000 bonus. Secondly, high rollers can have regular reload bonuses sometimes when they make additional deposits. To find out more about this feature, high rollers should consult the casino's customer support, even management, which can be even more accommodating than they previously realized. There are also a great possibility to gain a lot more loyalty points than one may realize when doing much wagering throughout the month. The casino's customer support will have more details concerning that as well. These rewards can include a number of gifts, such as huge cashback amounts, trips, and sporting event tickets. Lastly, a new trend at casinos includes the live casino offerings at high roller tables. And of course, the chance to win larger amounts of money is granted.



Every casino, whether live or online, has high roller/VIP offers that are similar in some aspects, but varies in other ways. To find the best offers and reputable casinos around, various sites are also available for that. These experts are always researching to find the best deals for consumers.


Bonuses Offered and Choosing an Online Casino

There are many things to think about when trying to choose an online casino. One thing that might come into play is the bonuses that the casinos offer. There are many different types of bonuses offered but only one real reason that they offer them; marketing. Here is some information to help you make the right choice when it comes to your next online casino deposit.


Welcome Bonuses

Many online casinos today are offering welcome bonuses to attract new players to their games. Most that offer this type of bonus will actually match your first deposit dollar for dollar. If you want a better bonus, find an online casino that offers a welcome bonus to your first three deposits. The drawback to this type of bonus is usually the bonus money is tied to specific games like slots or table games and you are required to make a certain amount of bets before you are allowed to cash your money out. This is to stop users from depositing money, getting the bonus, and taking it all right back out. If you have a large amount of money you are going to deposit, some sites only offer welcome bonuses to those that make an initial deposit many times the standard minimum.


Referral Bonuses

Most online casinos will give you a bonus for getting more people to sign up and make a deposit with them. They also give a bonus to the person that signs up on your referral. There is usually a requirement that the person you refer makes a deposit and makes a certain amount of bets before your receive your bonus. If you know a lot of people who play online casinos, this could be a great way for you to earn some free betting money.


Insurance Bonuses

Different online casinos offer a bonus in the amount of a percentage of all your losses in previous gaming activity. Although this will not get you all your money back, it will get you a portion that you can then bet again. This bonus usually will not count towards other bonus money. Online casino portals offer this type of bonus for losses accrued through multiple online casinos collectively.


No Deposit Bonuses

The no deposit bonus is a great way to see if an online casino is what you are looking for. Online casinos use this type of bonus to let you see what they have to offer without having to make an initial deposit. Most likely these types of bonuses are not cashable. The bonus will show up in your account balance but will disappear when it is time for you to cash out.


Comp Points

Most real casinos offer comps to individuals who are spending the most money. It is common to get free drinks, chips, or even a free nights stay at a hotel. Some online casinos work with a comp point system. You will get points that you can spend on cash or prizes by making bets of a certain amount. For instance, you may get three comp points for making a $10 bet at the blackjack table. You can then spend 100 comp points for $1. This type of bonus is great if you are already making bets in that amount.

Choosing an online casino is a delicate and personal process. It all depends on which bonus will get you the most winnings in the long run. Make sure you understand all the rules of each bonus and know what you can and can not do. Have a game plan for your future online casino use and match the best bonuses up to your playing style.