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What exactly is Kesselgucken?

Roulette is intended to be a “cheat proof” game, but that doesn’t mean that gamblers haven’t been trying for hundreds of years to find a system to beat the house or ascertain patterns to predict where the ball will land. For players able to wait and watch, many roulette wheels will reveal predictable quirks. As a result, many casinos replace wheels frequently, or discourage non-playing spectators. There have been “roulette wheel formulas” devised that some players swear by. But these formulas involve math and statistics, and certainly don’t work for everybody. But one method that does seem to work for a surprisingly large number of dedicated roulette players is the “Kesselgucken” strategy. This method combines those roulette strategies of yore, observing the wheel and making mathematical calculations, but does so in a way that gets more consistently effective results.

Improving On The Sort Of Tried And True
Translated from the German, “Kesselgucken” loosely means “observing the wheel”. “But wait”, you say. “Casinos take steps to make sure that players effectively can’t observe wheel patterns”. True, but a player’s observations with the “Kesselgucken” method are a little different. Here, they’re more interested in observing the ball, and they’re not standing and watching the wheel for X number of spins to figure out patterns. With this method, they’re already immersed in play while making calculations, and decisions based on them have to be made quickly.

How The Kesselgucken Strategy Works
In the past roulette wheel watchers were looking for physical defects that would through off the natural momentum of the wheel and create patterns. A slight tilt to a casino floor or table or perhaps an uncalibrated wheel might result in the ball landing on certain numbers every five spins, for example. With Kesselgucken, instead of counting on defects to throw off the wheel, players are observing and timing the natural speed of the wheel, the ball, and how the little barriers attached to the wheel slow down the ball. Using these speed calculations, truly practiced Kesselgucken practitioners can accurately calculate where the ball will land when everything stops. It helps to place bets at the last minute in order to get a chance to covertly observe speeds. And you’re more likely to win playing French roulette, because of the wheel’s number placement. If this doesn’t sound easy, it’s not-Kesslegucken devotees log in hours of practice time, usually by watching footage of spinning roulette wheels. And casinos have slowly caught on to the Kesselgucken strategy. It’s been banned from official roulette play, and “Kesselguckens” have been ejected from games and casinos when caught.

Online Roulette
Because the Kesselgucken method only works if physical wheel speed can be observed, this won’t work with online games where built in randomizers change the “wheel’s” speed with every spin. Instead, players should keep an eye on posted winnings, and look for statistical patterns as to when the most frequent winnings seem to occur.