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Casinos Gambler’s Introduction to RTGs, RNGs, Reels and Paylines

Casinos have come along way. There was a time when avid gamblers would have to travel to partake in their favorite pastime. Today, many of the reels, slots and table games are available in the comfort of your home and office.

Following is an introduction to all you need to know when entering the fun and fabulous world of online casinos.


RTG, or RealTime Gaming, is a software development company that is essential to the development of many games you will find in an online casino. Unlike the other big software developers like MicroGaming and Cryptologic who forbade their casinos from accepting real cash from player in the US. RTG suggested that each casino handle the situation how they felt is best.

RTG Games can be enjoyed instantly and don’t require downloads, nevertheless there are some games that can be downloaded and added to a player’s personal collection. While the software is more compact, players will find the same visually engaging graphics and sound effects that they would expect from a first-rate software generator.

While they have some of the best options for Blackjack, Casino Wars and 3-Card Poker, it is important to remember that it is the individual casino that decides which games will be featured in their online location.

It is the individual operators that choose which games to provide and can even adjust their payout structures as they see fit, which is a good reason to look into the specifics of each casino before taking your cash to the table.


At the software center of every online slot game you will find, there is a computer component that ensures the game of chance is exactly that: a game of chance. This is called the RNG, or the Random Number Generator. The purpose of the RNG is to create millions of random sequences in very short intervals all day, every day.

Every time a reel is spun or a digital bet is made, the RNG is there to produce a completely random outcome to the play by producing a completely new set of equations each time.

The Random Number Generator is applied to the software in an online casino to determine the outcomes of their digital slots. The outcomes are produced with a combination of algorithms used by RNG software that alone controls the outcomes of each individual bet and spin — completely independent of any prior spin or bet.

The important thing to understand about the RNG is that it’s outcomes are always random and individual. Because they possess no memory units they have no idea if they won the jackpot on the previous spin or not. The fate of the round is nothing more than the product of many mathematical calculations decided on the spot. There is no way for this software to produce pre-programmed results.


The slot machine is one of the beloved sights at any casino. Many years ago, the “one-armed bandit” featured a lever, the classic 3-reel and a single payline. The good news is you will still see many of these classic western style machines in many of the online casinos today.

Nevertheless, there are some differences between the old machines and the modern computer systems available today. Some of the modern slots available at your favorite online casino can have as many as 5-reels and 100 different paylines, which means many more chances of winning. Of course, the alternate spins can have a significantly higher cost.

Understanding Paylines

It is the number of paylines on a slot machine that is the most important feature of the game. In simple terms, the payline is the line that will award all manner of payouts based on specific combinations. Any slot can have 1 or 100 paylines, it is only on these paylines that a payout can be awarded for a winning combination.

Another important thing to know is that you will only be winning payouts for paylines that you actually bet on. If you only bet on 25 of the possible 100 paylines and the jackpot combination fell on the one you didn’t bet on or activate – Too Bad! So Sad!

So, consider using a slot that has the ideal amount of paylines. If you activate all the paylines available, you will catch any combination that appears, right?