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The Five Biggest Times Online Gamers Broke the Bank

We all have the fantasy (or else you wouldn’t be here, right?) to turn a dime or a quarter in millions of dollars. The sound is seared into our minds, coins falling like a waterfall into a metal tray. Of course technology has advanced since the old days and now you can take your shot from the comfort of your own living room. However, the dream remains the same. We know too that it probably won’t happen. We don’t even want to look at the odds. However, it IS true. People have turned money you can find in your couch cushions into Bentleys and boats, all online. Here are five of the best.

5. Late at night, a person’s face is only illuminated by the glow of the computer screen. Eyes trained on the virtual slot machine as it spins around. That is the stereotype of online gaming but it is not the only way. Take the shadowy figure known only as D.P. he or she is the author or the largest win using a mobile device. From parts unknown (Europe somewhere), he or she scored $8.8 million dollars while playing Mega Moolah Mobile on an iPad device. Not a bad haul considering he or she was playing as part of a promotion that required just a $1 deposit. Now you can win big almost anywhere!

4. It is usually not a good idea to wake up your wife in the middle of the night, unless the house is on fire, but she will probably forgive you if you’ve just won a $9.5 million dollar jackpot. Thirty year old Alexander found himself in that exact situation in November of 2015 when he struck it rich playing Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune slot game. The Sweden native didn’t have immediate big plans for the money, only to pay off his mortgage, take a nice vacation and buy a new car. Net Entertainment Chief Product Officer Simon Hammon was also happy with the windfall and noted that his company had doled out $13.8 million in just the past two weeks.

3. Sleepless nights are usually unproductive but that certainly wasn’t the case for a young male from Norway. The anonymous youngster took home a $16 million dollar prize in September of 2011 on Internet gaming site while playing Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune slot game. Understandably, the trouble sleeping became an impossible task after winning but it probably didn’t matter anymore anyway. The excited Norwegian didn’t want to make plans for his new found wealth until he settled down.

2. Most of us could really use a mega jackpot payday, except for maybe some billionaire tycoons, but this next winner really needed it. Jon Heywood’s father was sick and his family didn’t have the money for first class care. That all changed after Heywood, a British army vet, saw a TV advertisement for international online gambling giant Betway. After only seven minutes of playing Lance Corporal Heywood nailed a $17.3 million dollar jackpot playing Microgaming‘s Mega Moolah game. The late night session in October of 2015 means his father, who needs a heart and lung transplant, will get the best care money can provide. Heywood also had some fun, upgrading his Fiat Punto to a yellow Bentley Continental GT and picking up the tab for a family cruise to the Mediterranean.

1. The gold standard came in late January of 2013 when a middle aged Finnish man took a 25 cent bet and turned into a staggering $24 million dollars just by clicking his mouse. A Scandinavian based online casino offered the progressive jackpot slot game Mega Fortune (operated by the software company Net Entertainment) and name proved to be prophetic once again. The Net Entertainment networks contains several online casinos which enabled the jackpot to swell as high as it did and then also doesn’t leave one company on the hook for the payout either. An absolutely incredible tale.

There you have it, stories of some of the absolute legends of online gaming. The odds might not be in your favor of hitting it big but remember, the odds weren’t in their favor either. Huge jackpots do happen online and are getting bigger and bigger every year. Why can’t it happen to you?